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Monday, July 24, 2006

Ecuador Pics

Spring Break!!

Cuenca. Night. Nothing amusing.


The Devil's nose.

Baños Baby!

Cuenca 3am. God i'm such a 'baller.

So you walk down these stairs....

... and come out looking like this.
(Waterproof clothes!?! How do the people at Rohan sleep at night?)

Howler monkeys in there somewhere - God I miss Bosley!

Working hard.

They jumped me.


Blogger rafters said...

Glad to see you are still flying the flag for the look well+happy
K has started some job "selling"or harassing people on the street..we think it might be some form of cult
Bosley is well and paricularly likes wildlife progs on the TV..also Family Guy..series 4.

6:23 pm  
Blogger laurie said...

Jimmy Boy,

Good to hear from you. Were still feeling the bruises of our outrageous first night back. (your sisters bf aswell wots the world coming to)
Have an awesome time in Columbia (stamp collecting).
Where's the photo of the american filly?

take care and stay clean.


8:58 pm  
Blogger teo said...

Alrite James,
Looks like Ecuador is still a lot of fun and games and you're still enjoying it. Hopefully ColOmbia is as good or better and I wish you luck in your quest to find Shakira or that girl with the withered arm! Bap!

Make the most of your time there and look forward to seeing you soon.


9:55 pm  
Blogger Askews said...

Have enjoyed your news and photos, as always. Hope you will have a good time in Colombia- do keep in touch please. Juan Fernando is in Cali at the moment. I do hope you will meet up with him.
We are really looking forward to your return. A kiss to my mother in my name, and all my love to you.
What girl with a withered arm?

9:00 pm  
Blogger OGallagher said...

great photos. i think it is more dangerous in Bristol than Colombia!
Tommy's bruises just fading.
Claire doing work experience with your Dad's company this week ( and Anna's last week)
Keep well and safe
love O'Gs

9:15 pm  

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