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Welcome to the antics of the BishKrew on tour round the world. Bish Crew members: Tommy O'Gallagher, Kieran Rafter, James Askew, Tom Fleming, Laurie Howell and Teo Lopéz-Bernal.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Quito, and back, then back again, then back again again!

With James now on board we happily collapsed into his plush Quito appartment after another routine night bus, this time from the hairising border crossing of Huaqillas. Not much was done on the thursday we arrived except for lounging around in our new home and as the day drew to a close we had the dilemna of deciding who slept with James. After many games of rock, paper, scissors it ended up with Teo having to put up with 6 nights of rompous snoring! Anyway moving on.
Friday was spent going up the scenic TeleferiQo, getting the material and fittings for our suits, and sampling the Quito night life. After an eventful night out we returned to our apartment for our three hours of sleep before getting up at 6 to leave for the Otavalo. In a bleary eyed, hungover haze, we slumbered slowly around this huge street market, purchasing gifts and other market paraphanaelia including sunglasses, bracelets, hats, mats, and most notably two huge wooden ??????! Don´t ask me why. We returned soon after lunch to catch the Brazil match and that evening, after one of James´ much hyped Hotdog´s ( they´re lush!), we headed for another night on the town. Slightly less rowdy than Friday we headed again to the infamous No Bar, where James would meet a Colombian with a withered arm and we (as a whole) would meet some strange, high-pitched, squeaky American girls who saw Tom as a potential rapist and who were reluctant to enter the basement of a perfectly normal bar because it apparently looked ´sketchy´.
Overall, however, the night was a success and the following day England took on Ecuador in what proved to be a bit of an anticlimactic match that we ended up watching in the apartment, for fear of being killed. Later that day England again took on Ecuador in El Parque Carolinas, this time the result was reversed, we blamed it on the altitude.
The highlight of Monday saw two heroes undertake one of the most courageous and manly of challenges. Eating the whole menu of the Hot Dog stand. This included a double hot dog con todo, a single hot dog con todo, a double burger con todo, a single burger con todo, and a beverage. The two heroes, better known as Tom and Teo, completed the task with aplomb only to be left for the rest of that evening groaning and clenching their stomachs! Don´t try this at home.
On Tuesday Teo witnessed the dumping of Spain out of the World Cup at the hands of France ( a la bimbon, bimbon, bimbo, a la bimbon, bimbon ba, España, España no vale na!) and the rest of the day was probably spent in Papaya.Net, our regular Internat Cafe.
That night we decided to leave our beloved Quito and head to Puerto Lopez in the hope of seeing some whales and catching some fish. We did both, count it! Again we arrived in the early hours of the morning and were forced to catch up on sleep, this time in Hostal Fragata. We got up at about 11.30am, quickly organised for Paco to take us out in his boat and soon began our quest into the Pacfic Ocean. After seeing some blue footed boobies (who needs the Galapagos?), we cast our rods and hoped for the best. A few seconds later and the first fish was reeled in, it was a strange little brown fish that would prove reluctant to die. As the day wore on and the fish count increased, we were soon rewarded with an amazing ceviche (raw fish dish) made by Paco with one of the fish Laurie had caught. And so there we sat, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the sun reflecting off the waves, eating sublime ceviche and sipping ice cold coke... until out of nowhere we heard the shout of WHALE! WHALE!coming from Toms mouth. Without a moment to loose Paco revved up the engine and headed towards the beast and soon enough we were to witness one of natures many wonders. A Humpback Whale fully emmersing itself from the depths of the sea...spectacular!
However the day was not over, we still had time for another half an hour of fishing. Just enough time for Laurie to battle against and eventually to reel in a humungous Sierra. This particular Sierra turned out to be perhaps our best ever evening meal and this day perhaps one of the finest experienced on our travels.
The next day was spent snorkelling in a nearby bay, and more importantly saying goodbye to James, who now had to part ways.
We love you James! TLT
(P.S. James owes Teo 5 dollars and Teo wont forget! Nor will the blog!)


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