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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our jungle experience was completed with a days white water rafting. It began with some obligatory form signing and we immediately made ourselves popular with the "captain" of the rafts, by crossing out "we denounce all responsibility to press charges even if it is the fault of the company" or something along those lines, before we would sign it! (don't worry mum's we are taking care)
This was followed by half an hour of safety talks, much of which was spent swatting the various species of biting insects, only then were we allowed near the raft. As we set off our guide informed us that the day before our river had flooded to it's highest level in 4 years, and thus we were rafting with the best conditions that year.

After a hard half-days rafing we paused for a beach-football match against our fellow "rafters." We bet one of our 2 lunch time burritos on the match, which we then proceeded to lose!! (However we did the polite thing and ate it anyway when they weren't looking)

Later, we displayed our rafting skill, or lack thereof, by managing to be the only raft to tip ourselves fully over. Our guide may have been partly to blame, due to him being the biggest (literally) nutter on the river. The day was finished by everyone else deflating our raft (see photos), in retaliation to the consistent spalshing we subjected them to throughout the trip.

The hot springs of Papallacta had been recommended to us, so as it was getting dark, we headed off on a bus with no idea what was ahead of us. 5 hours later the bus conductor unceremoniously woke us up and turfed us out, seemingly in the middle of no-where, surrounded by clouds and mountains. This was then compounded by a 20 minute walk at 3700m to the springs, opposite which was meant to be a cheap hostel. This wasn't in existance so we were forced to stay at the papallacta springs hotel. Small consolations include a double bed, en-suite complete with our own private hot springs...oh yes!! Teo and Tom thought that this wasn't luxury enough and decided that full body massages would be more appropriate. We got onto the bus, fully lubed up and smelling of lavander from the massages, worrying that we might give some locals the wrong idea. It turned out to be the last bus of our travels (I can't tell you how good that feels, we have crossed the 100 hour barrier in Peru and Ecuador alone!!).

We made it safely to the internet cafe in Quito, where we bumped into none other than our old chum George Garrad, and friends. After some banter and MANY travel stories, we decided to celebrate the occasion by going out British style. The next day heads hurting we collected our much anticipated suits, and keeping true to lazy teenager tradition decided to pay for, and confirm that we had infact changed our flights for early the next morning and not 2 weeks ago! A much needed early night was followed by getting up at 4.30 in the morning for Venezuela...but that is for next time!!!

We are writing now from Isla de Margarita - fantastic, with its amazingly expensive internet facitlities. Photos will be posted in a couple of days, when we have saved up enough money by missing a few meals/begging etc...


Blogger James said...

Nice one boys, hope the carribean is having better weather than here! contrary to popular opinion I sadly haven't been kiddnapped and am still around and about. OK FINE I OWE LOPÈZ $5, tho given as every single one of you except Flem is in my debt... Neways when are you guys back? Have a great time - Tuck hope the cricket is still going well! J

3:01 pm  
Blogger howell said...

It must be so hard having all of these adventures! The island will be a good "holiday"! We are looking forward to the return of the muskateers

6:10 pm  
Blogger lopez said...

At long last! I've missed your blogs, it was great to hear of your latest adventures although I'm glad I didn't know about all your hair-raising escapades in the jungle until after you'd finished.
Can't wait to see you all on Wednesday but I'm worried that Bristol & the prom etc is going to seem very boring after all you've been doing out there.
Enjoy your last few days

11:28 pm  
Blogger Askews said...

Excellent blogs, as always! Hopefully will have one more from Venezuela before you come home.
Have a good trip. We must get together to hear all the news and see the amazing pictures.

6:24 pm  

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