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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Isla Margarita

Dear All,

Slightly apprehensive due to all the dangerous stories we heard, we landed in Caracas airport and headed over to the domestic terminal. Here came mistake number one. We had turned up with NO money, not a dime between us and you guessed it, our cards didn`t work. Some "friendly lads" took us on a 2 hour tour of the airport looking for banks until we were saved when Laurie was able to withdraw enough to pay for our departure tax out of the boiling hot hell-hole. Our new found friends then decided we owed them nearly 20 quid for following us around the airport offering comiserations! After a "&$*k that" and a very generous on our behalf, 5 pound tip, we ran into the departure lounge followed by howls of abuse.

We touched down in Isla de margarita looking forward to tanning our white bodies ready for England. We kicked things off to a good start by immediately befriending some pizza guys and a self-confessed local stud!! The beach, called Playa el Agua was fantastic, a back drop of palm trees, white sand and bath temperature water where we could play bat and ball to our hearts content.

The structure of our days in Margarita was simple. We got up early, ate as much complimentary breakfast buffet as possible, then retired again to our room for another couple more hours sleep. Then, at around 1pm, we made our way to the beach, packing the `Geek Bag` with the essential items: sun cream, sunglasses, bat and ball and the football. 4 or 5 hours later after various sessions of keepy-uppy and bat and ball ( Kieran and Tom`s 1200 record from Barca remained intact) and a daily dip in the crystal waters we would head, perhaps slightly `rougier`, to Miragua Cafe for our daily Cocada ( a beautiful coconut smoothie thing). Now, at about 6pm, we would head back to our air conditioned hotel room and cool down, watching the Film Zone or CNN before heading to Kalimbas for our routine evening pizza. A Palmera for Teo, Salvaje for Laurie and a Jardin for Tom. After some banter and beers with Luis and Hector we made our way to Woody`s in the vain hope that that night would be different. It never was. So we returned to the hotel room, Tom and Laurie fought over the little space their measly double bed offered, and we went to sleep.

Woody`s: We strolled into this much recommended establishment...confident that we could aquaint ourselves with some of the local ladies with our honed spanish abilities. Our dreams were promptly shattered when every girl turned out to be a prostitute or under 16 and german. The blokes were all capped gangsters that thought dancing involved bobbing your head on the dance floor with a drink in hand and looking as menacing as possible!!! Thus, we contented ourselves with being the crazy dancing englishmen. Over our 10 days we hoped this would change.

Our time in the Carribean Paradise did have some quirks to the firmly established lifestyle that we had adopted from the word go:

  • One change of hotel from Posada las Ross to Hotel Costa Linda Beach ( too far to walk and we wanted our free buffet breakfast).
  • Whilst walking down the waterfront boulevard we would occasionaly be hailed by our young 16 year old (self confessed stud) Leo. The proceeding 30 minutes would be full of his conquests over the female tourist population of Margarita or his apparent near signing with the Brazilian national football team. A friendly chap none the less.
  • Various new records were set in the pool and on the beach. 46 water based headers, 23 sand based keepy-uppy aerial exchanges and of course the eight consectutive pizza nights.
  • A days snorkelling around the coral archipeligos of Los Frailes. This included unlimited Polar Ice, our cerveza of choice. A huge amount of parrot fish and some embarassing boat side backflip attempts.
  • One day trip to the Angel Falls by Teo leaving Tom and Laurie with some peace at last!

All in all its been a fantastically relaxing ten days and an incredible six months. We look forward to seeing you all in a matter of hours and boring you with our tales.

Lots of Love,

Teo `The Battery` Lopez Bernal,

Thomas ´The Dart` Fleming,

Lawrence `The Hooligan` Howell.


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A fantastic finale..see you soon

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