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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bristol 18/07/07


Well, having been silent for quite a while now, KT have decided that it's high time we updated the readers on our globetrotting voyage. On Friday the 30th of June at roughly 9:30am we came to a bumpy landing at Heathrow airport, prepared for the most intense culture shock of our travels. Shortly after picking up our luggage we were zooming across the British countryside in a monstrous, fuel guzzling 4x4 vehicle, packed in tightly amongst extremely creepy and over familiar passengers. Fortunately we both had our i-pods at hand and, having plugged ourselves in, feigned sleep for the entire duration of the journey to Bristol.

Upon arrival we were devastated to discover that, due to booking complications, we would be forced to stay in separate hostels. Fortunately they are within minutes of one another and are both of a fairly decent standard. We've both found the beds to be reasonably comfy, the other guests tolerable and the food regular, if basic. There have been times when we've both felt compulsions in the early hours to visit "arches" - a local chippy which seems to have become one of our haunts since we arrived. In the evenings we have frequented a number of fantastic venues. The Lizard Lounge, an extremely sweaty underground grotto guarded by vicious brutes, has consistently impressed us with its heroic and apparently unchanging playlist whilst the Berkely, a fairly basic, bustling bar, has had us gaping in wonder at just how small the world seems whilst travelling. Also guys, when you arrive you should really look out for a club called OCEANA – multiple floors/rooms/bars/music styles and we’re pretty certain that it’s the only one in the entire world.

Life’s pretty sweet in Bristol and we’re actually considering sticking around until well into September at which point we may split up and start travelling alone for three years or so.

Look forward to seeing LTT tomorrow, you’ll love it here lads.


P.S: We didn’t actually blog our insane adventures in New York and Washington, but if there’s enough demand we may hold a seminar in the near future.


Blogger rafters said...

Hi K+T
Great makes you seem so close
Kieran..what time will you be home for tea?

4:27 pm  
Blogger howell said...

I'll sign up for the seminar!

Now you are seasoned travellers, perhaps you will make it across the great divide of the Gloucester Road ( passports not required) into the ghetto. We look forward to seeing you!


6:02 pm  

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